Thermal Product Line Heat Dissipation For The Electronics Industry

Custom Liquid Cold Plates, Heat Sinks, Heat Pipes, Fans, and More

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We design the best heat dissipation solutions, specific to your application.

  • Results are the smallest, lightest, most cost effective solution.
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  • Custom Designed Heat Dissipation Solutions By Baknor
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  • Are you are under pressure to get your designs to prototyping and production quickly?
  • But more importantly the design requires the smallest, lightest, fastest and be the most cost effective!
  • Then let Baknor’s extensive knowledge of COOLING SYSTEMS weighs various trade-offs and factors, help you get there fast.
  • Factors such as functionality, manufacturability volume, mass, cost, packaging, efficiency, reliability and safety of the heat dissipation for each component.

Heat Sinks, Liquid Cold Plates And More Heat Dissipation Solutions

It’s All About Keeping Things Cool.

Thermal Design is really about ensuring the optimum temperature to keep a device running efficiently.

Featured Heat Dissipation Products,


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Start the conversation with our thermal design solution professionals, by using our thermal design check list, to analyze and solve your thermal challenges. Baknor’s experience and knowledge gained over the years in many different applications enables us to help you find the right innovative cooling solutions for your application.

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