Busbars Laminated and Fabricated For OEMs

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The Right Design For Your Application

Compact Design - Flexibility - Better Resistance

Busbar solutions from Baknor delivers superior quality from design through to manufacturing of your design or our design for your application. With innovative power distribution solutions, Baknor will provide busbars using a variety of materials, insulation and plating to meet your exact needs. With outstanding technical expertise and advanced manufacturing techniques, we provide you with a very large variety of customized busbars that are very high quality, low cost and include precision machining.

Busbars reduce system costs, improve reliability, increase capacitance and eliminate wiring errors. They also lower inductance and increase capacitance. The physical structure of busbars offers unique features in mechanical design. For example, complete power distribution subsystems can also act as structural members of a total system. Multilayer busbars offer structural integrity that wiring methods just can't match.

An Introduction To Busbars
Bus Bars

Custom Designs

Busbars can be custom designed to meet your requirements for many different and unique applications, across a number of diverse industries. From prototypes to low volume production, high mix requirements and high volume needs, look to Baknor for your custom fabricated busbar assemblies.

Custom Bus Bar Examples

Various Custom Bus Bar Examples

Busbar Design Considerations

Design Considerations

Joining Methods, Performance and Maintenance

Temperature Rise Due To Energy Losses

Material Requirements Include:

Ease of Fabrication, High Resistance To Corrosion

Low Electrical and Thermal Resistance

Low Electrical Resistance Of Surface Films

Competitive First Costs, High Eventual Recovery Value

High Mechanical Strength In Tension, Compression & Shear


Conductor Material Is Critical In Meeting Electrical & Mechanical Performance. Copper Is Typical With Aluminum As The Alternative


Thermal Considerations Include Possible Design Considerations For Ventilation And/Or Dissipation Of The Heat From Components.


Plating Is A Major Consideration. Tin, Tin-Lead, Nickel, Silver Or Gold Finishes Can Provide Advantageous Electrical Properties.

Mechanical Strength

Proper Strength Ensures Material Does Not Sag Over An Extruded Working Life At Maximum Temperature, Does Not Creep Under Pressure Leading To Loosened Joints and Does Not Permanently Distort Under Short circuit Loads.

Various Bus Bars

Laminated Busbars are fabricated components with layers of engineered copper bars separated by flat dielectric materials, bound together in a unified construction. They offer several advantages including improved reliability and reduced system costs. They are available in various sizes and shapes, some as big as a fingertip while others more than twenty feet in length. Multilayered busbar solutions are routinely used in telecommunications, computers, industrial, military, transportation, alternative energy, power electronics and many more.

Reduce System Costs with laminated busbars by decreasing assembly time as well as internal material handling costs. Various conductors are terminated at customer's specified location to eliminate the guesswork usually associated with assembly operating procedures. A reduced parts count will reduce ordering, material handling and inventory costs.

Increased Capacitance and lower inductance, resulting in lower characteristic impedance. The benefit to the industry is greater noise cancellation and effective noise suppression. Manufacturers can control the capacitance by using dielectrics of various thicknesses and differ relative K factor.

Laminated Busbar

Laminated Busbar

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