Roll Bonded Liquid Cold Plates To Dissipate Heat From Power ElectronicsS

Roll Bonded Liquid Cold Plates

Welding Two Sheet Metals - Liquid Cold Plate

Roll Bonded liquid cold plates are generally made of two welded aluminum plates.  These plates are welded to each other under high heat and high pressure.  A silkscreen pattern is applied on one of the aluminum plate's, (inner surface). This prevents the bonding of aluminum plates when they are rolled together.

The channel’s unique pillow structure creates a fluid into an optimum turbulence state to achieve highly efficient heat exchange.

The space between the plates is pressurized to deform one or both plates to create the channel for the cooling medium to circulate.  The inflated sprue is then sealed. 

Additional connectors are brazed for inlet and outlet connection.

The role bonded plates are highly versatile which allows them to be welded, formed, or fitted for your application.

It can be applied in irregular shapes, at high pressures and high temperatures, eliminating any machining process make this dimple, effective and greatly lowering manufacturing costs.

Stamped and Brazed Liquid Cold Plates For Cooling Electronics & Battery Packs

Welding Two STAMPED Sheet Metals - One Sheet With Channels Included In the Stamping Process

With Stamped and Brazed liquid cold plates, channels are created from the stamping process on one of the two plates used to create the cold plate. The two stamped metal plates are then sealed together inside a vacuum chamber using a brazing process. 

The brazing process uses a filler metal with a lower melting point.  It is melted into the joints of the cold plate via capillary action under the corresponding technological conditions and connects two plates to form an internal flow channel.

Stamped vacuum brazing liquid cold plate has obvious following advantages:

1. No flux process can be used to clean parts 

2. Highly repeatable and controllable batch processing


3. Uniform material characteristics during and after brazing

As today’s demanding applications require much higher heat density in smaller spaces,

"Liquid Cooling" has become the solution of choice for many designers.

Roll Bonding Sheet Metal Liquid Cold Plate And Battery Pack