Force Convection Fan Heat Sinks

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Forced Convection Fan Heat Sinks

Baknor is a recognized leader in dissipating heat in electronic designs. With a broad range of cooling solutions, we have technology designed to extend the life of electronic components in many types of applications.

Baknor integrates fans into thermal assemblies to meet demanding cooling applications. Integrating fans into heat sinks is ideal in applications where system air flow is non existent or unpredictable. If you are looking to increase performance by integrating a fan into your thermal solution, talk to a Baknor engineer about optimizing the design.


• High performance solutions

• Impinged or Linear flow applications

• High reliability fan options

Fan Sizes

• Axial Fans up to 120x120 mm

• Blowers up to 80x25 mm

Forced Convection Fan Heat Sinks

Fan Types

• Blowers

• Axial fans

Production Benefits

Integration of the fan onto the heat sink at the factory ensures product quality and can save you money. Baknor tests all fan heat sink assemblies to ensure the fans are functional prior to shipment.

• Cost effective

• High quality

Forced Convection Fan Heat Sinks 2

Forced Convection Fan Heat Sinks 3
Forced Convection Fan Heat Sinks 4


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