Custom Stamped Sheet Metal

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Being globally cost competitive in the thermal management product area has also allowed us to help customers consolidate their vendor base for custom metal fabrication.

Our quality control department has all the technology required that allow us to meet the highest expectations for the performance of our work.

You Can Expect Us To Deliver The Highest Quality Every-time.

Custom Stamped Sheet Metal

Custom sheet metal fabrication services are a cost-effective, on-demand solution to your manufacturing needs. Our fabrication services range from low-volume prototype to high-volume production runs. We design, develop and manufacture complex metal enclosures, assemblies and integrated enclosure systems. We control all facets of sheet metal fabrication under one roof. Our ability to control all aspects of the manufacturing process allows us to offer superior quality, competitive pricing, and shortened lead times to our clients.

Punching, laser cutting, welding or painting and silk-screening, are integrated into our processes. This also helps our customers with the convenience of a single source manufacturing solution that includes design, fabrication, finishing, and assembly.

Built to print or Baknor designed – we produce a full selection of enclosure products and assemblies.

Custom Stamped Metal


Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is widely used across a variety of industries, producing effective results and offering benefits and applications that other types of metal fabrication processes cannot. Customers see higher precision and edge finishing at a reasonable cost. Laser cutting machines can quickly perform multiple operations, making it extremely efficient.

Laser cutting can also be used for etching, a superficial burning of the plate surface without full penetration. It’s a proven means of creating very durable marking on metal plate.


Punching is a forming process that uses a machine to force a tool, through the work piece to create a hole via or any shape that cuts metal as it passes through or under a press. It is one of the most mature technologies in metal fabrication, and yet it’s still one of the most misunderstood.

Modern machines and tooling have turned the punch press into the Swiss army knife of the fab shop. It punches holes, just a few here and there or in a dense perforation. It cuts large panels. It forms louvers, embosses, and other complex shapes, and in some cases bends flanges several inches high.

Punching is applicable to a wide variety of materials that come in sheet form. The punch often passes through the work into a die. A scrap slug from the hole is deposited into the die in the process. Depending on the material being punched this slug may be recycled and reused or discarded. Punching is often the cheapest method for creating shapes in sheet materials in medium to high production volumes.

Metal Forming

Metal forming is a manufacturing process that is used to bend or distort metal to produce consistently fabricated parts and components. During forming, the metal does not lose its mass, only its form. Our controlled press brakes can produce up to 500 tons of pressure to satisfy nearly any of your metal forming needs, from the development of precision electronic components to robust heavy industry parts. Forming can be done with various types of metals, including stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, copper, among other materials.

The production process can mass produce parts used in applications for such industrial sectors as aerospace, automotive, durable goods such as appliances, agriculture, consumer and commercial electronics, telecommunications, rail and marine, and petrochemical industries. All rely on components derived from metal forming.

  • Bending is a flexible metal forming process, bending utilizes a brake press or similar type of press machine. The metal sheet is formed by placing it over a die block that punch-presses the material. The die does not actually punch a hole in the metal sheet but creates a bending force that shapes the metal to the die.
  • Stretching is another form of metal processing. The forming process stretches and bends the workpiece simultaneously over a die to form complex or large contoured parts. The deformation of the sheet occurs through radial strain. The process is used to shape large parts that require sizeable, accurate radius bends with smooth surfaces.
  • Deep drawing is a common metal forming process. It is a method in which the metal sheet is clamped in place over a cavity-shaped die to form hollow shaped components. The motion of the punch pushes down drawing it into the cavity. The tensile strength applied to the metal sheet is deformed to the external shape of the part.
  • Roll forming is a process that shapes metal as it passes through successive sets of rollers. As the metal is conveyed through the machine, pairs of rollers continuously form and bend the sheets or strips into a desired cross-sectional shape. The process is performed incrementally, gradually forming the part until the desired cross-section is achieved. Roll forming generally is used to produce components with long lengths or for large production runs.


Welding is a fabrication process whereby two or more parts are fused together by means of heat, pressure or both forming a join as the parts cool. As opposed to brazing and soldering, which do not melt the base metal, welding is a high heat process, which melts the base material, with the addition of a filler material. There isn’t a definitive answer to how one needs to approach welding sheet metal. But there are several ways that one can do it. Experience plays a lot in this case but you also need to know the fundamentals that come with this type of welding.

Heat is the biggest factor when welding thinner material. Adjusting it properly will ensure you get a perfect weld. Going too much will only cause you to burn through the material. But thicker material, like girders, will require you to turn on the power depending on the panel you are welding. Different types of materials are also subject to distortion. This is the case with thinner ones. Warping can also occur if the heat is too high so the welder needs to adjust properly so the weld has enough mechanical strength for the application.


Our in house paint shop utilizes a wide array of high quality industrial-grade coatings, paints, and materials, each carefully matched to the application and intended lifespan for maximum cost effectiveness. Our main objective is to provide you with the best value possible, by providing a range of coating system alternatives and the information you need to make an informed decision.

By forming a protective layer, painting or finishing a component is one of the best methods to protect your metal products from the effects of any corrosive environments. Our expertise has helped us earn the trust of engineers and leading suppliers to the electronics sectors. Our knowledge and experience enable us to provide outstanding technical support and guidance to ensure every project is finished to perfection.


Silkscreening is an option available for products after the painting process is completed. Our investment in efficient equipment greatly enhances our productivity, quality and range. Our enhanced output capabilities enable us to produce thousands of parts with a high degree of accuracy and consistency with very low to non-existent reject rates resulting in much lower cost to our customer.

Our wide range of ink systems (RoHS compliant) are capable of adhering to any finish or substrate. Baking facilities via infrared conveyor or spot curing system, small or large batch oven. We typically print on any metal or paint finish available in the industry to any specifications. Virtually any size, shape or graphic configuration is possible.

Inserts And Fasteners

Fitting assembly fasteners to front panels and enclosures. We can fit a wide selection of fasteners including threaded inserts and studs on to aluminum and steel enclosure covers and panels. These can be used for mounting your PCBs, connectors, controls and electronic assemblies. What we can fit:

  • Metric fasteners (unified on request)
  • Typically with M2, M2.5, M3, M4, M5 and M6 threads
  • Self-clinch nuts, studs, blind standoffs, through standoffs
  • PCB Clip-on Standoffs, 90 degree panel nuts, cable tie mounts.
  • Earth studs on to aluminium panels and earth tags on to steel panels
  • We can also can create a burst hole in the sheet material & tap the required thread.
  • Concealed head threaded studs to avoid any witness on the external surface of the panel.
Custom Stamped Sheet Metal
Custom Stamped Metal 1
Custom Stamped Sheet Metal
Custom Stamped Sheet Metal Computer Case
Custom Stamped Metal 19inch 1 U Box
Custom Stamped Sheet Metal

Product Overview

Precision Metal Components

Baknor’s advanced manufacturing technologies are capable of producing precision metal components to custom specifications. Our advanced manufacturing technologies are capable of producing custom components in a variety of materials and sizes to the most exacting standards. With experienced designers and engineers using 3D modeling and virtual manufacturing software tools and the industry’s most advanced metal forming and fabricating technologies, we can produce cost-effective, high-quality components and fabrications.

Sheet Metal Enclosures

We can design or manufacture to your drawings a full range of sheet metal enclosures in a variety of sizes for use in commercial and industrial applications, whether the need is for indoor or outdoor applications. We have extensive experience producing high-quality custom enclosure solutions in aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel.

Utilizing advanced manufacturing processes including robotic welding and highly-durable powder coat finishing, we ensure our enclosures are built to last and will meet stringent UL, NEMA, IP and other standards as specified. Each box has four main components which can be customized. These are the sheet metal thickness, material, size, and interior layout.

We design and manufacture complex metal enclosures and electro-mechanical systems primarily for OEMs competing in global technology markets. With world-class facilities and extensive product expertise, Baknor helps customers to achieve superior manufacturing advantages. Enclosures can be fully finished, meaning you can include hardware, fasteners, brackets, hinges, accessories and more.

Examples include:

Rack-mount Enclosures, L-Shape Enclosures, U-Shape Enclosures, Front Panels, Switchgear,

Computer Enclosures, 5 Sided Enclosures, Storage Server Enclosures Cabinet Enclosures Control Panel.

Frames and Racks

Precise equipment demands meticulous measurements. We provide custom welded frames, racks, cabinets, and accessories for networking, communication and data storage. We offer expert design assistance and comprehensive capabilities for producing frames and racks that meet your unique size, loading and configuration requirements. In addition, we provide full value-add options including integration of cabling and third-party supplier components.

Applications include outside plant and inside plant deployments. Our experience with custom frames, racks and cabinets are engineered to provide superior cable management and bend-radius protection for your cabling. Whether you need a high density optical distribution frame, fibre entrance cabinet, fibre distribution hub or an open frame rack—our solutions are scalable for future growth and easy to install.

Turnkey Enclosure Systems

We use a wide range of tools, including pneumatic and electric power tools with variable torque settings, along with various manual tools when building a system enclosure that requires assembly for a finished product.

We provide fully integrated enclosure solutions ready for deployment, and offer customers a single source advantage that includes electro-mechanical assembly, leading-edge metal fabrication finishing, and cabling with systems integration of complex enclosures. By leveraging our on-site electro-mechanical assembly, integration and test services – and streamlining the production process – we can save you time, and improve your competitiveness.

Our team of experienced engineers, project managers, and global procurement staff provide mechanical and electronic design support, component sourcing, and product testing to ensure customers’ enclosure products are completed efficiently, on schedule and to specification.

Racks and Cabinetes
Custom Stamped Sheet Metal
Custom Stamped Sheet Metal
Custom Stamped Sheet Metal

Take Advantage Of Baknor’s Custom Metal Fabrication.

Being globally cost competitive in the thermal management product area has also allowed us

to help customers consolidate their vendor base for custom metal fabrication.

This also includes various finishes even when cosmetics are critical.

Of If You Require Help In Dissipating Heat From Your Design


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