Laser Welded Liquid Cold Plate To Dissipate Heat From Power ElectronicsS

Laser Welded Liquid Cold Plate

Less Heat

Laser welding has a beam that is so focused, there is significantly less heat created during the manufacturing process. With less heat being transferred to the cold plate, the metallurgical structure is less affected and the quality of the weld is much higher than with traditional forms of welding.

Complex Channels

Lasers enable precision and quality, especially when creating complex channels that can be optimized in the base plate. Complex designs can be created, without having to change processes and allows for homogeneous joining methods.

Less Distortion & Shrinkage

With a much more accurate and controlled manufacturing process, welds can be as small as one hundredths of a millimetre, which results in less distortion and shrinkage. It also allows finished parts to be welded without additional, post-weld processing.

Excellent Joint Integrity

Laser welding provides excellent joint integrity. These may include simplified part designs resulting in stronger components, which can be produced at lower cost

Limited Access

The manufacturing process is excellent for fine components and it can be used in areas where there is limited access.

Good For High Volume, High Quality Welds

The finish is superior which is ideal for medical applications where weld quality is vital for hygiene and precision.

Good Lead Times

Prototypes and production can be turned quickly, and used as a competitive edge to get to market faster.

Ability To Weld Dissimilar Metals

Laser welding is suitable to aluminium and copper cold plates.

No Tooling Required

For one piece or hundreds of pieces. No tooling is required.

Baknor includes design, simulation, prototyping, and volume manufacturing. Many of our customers are able to reduce their vendor base as we also offer additional services. In addition to laser welding, we also offer machining, extrusion, forging and casting capabilities. Let us design or build to your print, your liquid cold plate or custom metal fabrication requirements.