Composite Graphene Film For Heat Dissipation

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What Is Graphene?

Graphene is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. Often described as a single, thin layer of graphite — the soft, flaky material used in pencil lead. Graphene is a building block for graphite.

Graphene is one of the strongest materials in the known universe. With a tensile strength of 130 gigapascals, it is more than 100 times stronger than steel.

It’s unique properties includes its flexibility, transparency, high conductivity, and impermeable to most gases and liquids. Graphene is an excellent conductor of heat that makes it ideal for thermal management in electronic applications.

The world’s strongest material.

Very high thermal conductivity.

Thin, light, flexible and transparent.

It is a sheet of carbon atoms in a honeycomb structure.

Multiple stacks of graphene sheets create graphite.

Graphene Strength

Our Composite Graphene Film For Heat Dissipation

We have created a graphene film heat sink that combines carbon nano tubes, graphene, and diamond dust which enables it to work extremely well for thermal dissipation. The high polarizability of our nano materials enables them to spread evenly on the surface of our film, which maximizes the thermal radiation cooling effect.

While graphite film’s thermal conductivity is limited to the X and Y planes, our film has great thermal thermal conductivity across the Z plane as well.

Nano structure strengthens electrical insulation so that it can withstand voltage above 2kV. The thermal spreading layer has a high level of heat emission ability through infrared radiation and hence radiates heat well, even in a confined space. Depending upon your requirements, adding a metal layer beneath our film speeds up the heat emission to the nano structure layer, facilitating greater thermal radiation.

Pure single-layer graphene has a thermal conductivity of 5300 W/m*k. Single layer graphene film has a maximum thermal radiation emissivity-coefficients is 0.93, and the composite structure can enhance the emissivity-coefficients to 0.97.

This structure thanks to the graphene coating technology, can provide a thermal diffusivity of 2.2 ~ 3 times that of copper. In addition. it can provide greater thermal radiation than single layer graphene coating.

There are several layers that is optional:

-Such as graphene EMI layer, -Graphite layer, -And metal layer

Depending on the customer’s requirements, the metal layer can create a structure, such as shielding case with thermal management and heat sink function or chip package case.


Can be used in applications where weight reduction is critical.

Thermal Conductivity

Superior heat transfer from components to keep electronics cool and avoid overheating failure.

Versatile and Efficient

Low maintenance and simple procedure for installation.


Flexible and bendable, the heat spreader is capable of conforming to all uneven surfaces

Description of the Layers In Graphene Film Composite For Heat Dissipation

Examples Of Some Recent Designs

BT-GG050H000A20: Datasheet. Application Note

It is a high thermal conductivity heat sink film which it allows 80 Khz~150 Khz electromagnetic permeability. It contains 50um thickness of multi-layer graphene structure.

BT-GG050H3V8A30: Datasheet. Application Note.

Has insulation layer for higher breakdown voltage with thicker adhesive to provide stronger adhesion.

BT-GGP1000A030: Datasheet. Application Note

It is a special designed heat sink plate, constructed with multi-layer graphene composite materials with high thermal radiation and high thermal conduction properties to be able

to effectively remove the extra heat from devices. This can replace an existing AL heat sink, or can be added to the existing AL heat sink to amplify the cooling performance in various electronic applications.

BT-GGM-055C001: Datasheet. Application Note

Is a special designed heat sink material. It is constructed by multi-layers of Graphene composite materials. This material has high thermal radiation and high thermal conduction properties. The added solderable layers are extremely effective in removing the excess heat from various devices. This product is especially suitable for any electronics design applications.

Using Graphene For Better Thermal & Packaging Solutions

Composite Graphene Film Heat Sink Application Notes

Composite Film Representation
Graphene Representation Showing Heat Dissipation Direction


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