Flat Tube Liquid Cold Plate To Dissipate Heat From Power ElectronicsS

Flat Copper Tube Liquid Cold Plate / Water Blocks

Liquid Cold plates allow for a high-level of heat transfer, by passing heat from the metal plate to the cooling fluid. Often used in compact designs for electric vehicles, high-powered electronics, power generation, medical equipment, military and aerospace, and lasers.

Applications include cooling IGBTs to insure their reliability. This is often critical when IGBTs are used in electric vehicles and hybrid cars. The semiconductors are used to control the AC motors and generators connected to the car’s batteries. IGBT power semiconductor can also be found in power supplies, variable speed refrigerators, air-conditioners, and digital amplifiers in high-end consumer audio systems.

We custom design each plate including the ideal flow paths. These paths can be machined into the base plate or can be part of an extruded base plate. The copper tubes are then press fit into the path. Subsequent machining of the cold plate with the tube installed, provide for a very flat surface. Copper flat tube can be manufactured in any length. In addition to being press fit into a base plate, they can also be designed and assembled in a ladder configuration.

Flat copper tube cold plates have very low thermal resistance and offer excellent thermal uniformity. They are compatible with water and many other common coolants. Since the designs are coplanar with the plate, higher performance can be achieved when the components are in direct contact with the copper tubes. Designs that allow components such as IGBTs to be attached to both sides are also possible.