Extruded Aluminum Heat Pipes, A Two Phase Heat Transfer Device

Extruded Loop Heat Pipe

A Two Phase Heat Transfer Device

A Highly Effective, Thermally Conductive Solution

Extruded Aluminum Heat Pipe Benefits and Advantages

  • Good Temperature Uniformity
  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • Variable Shape
  • Small Volume
  • Light Weight
  • Low Cost

Gravity Heat Pipe Working Principles

Working Principles Of Aluminum Heat Pipes

Heat pipes move heat from the evaporator end (heat source) to the condenser end (heat sink) via the working fluid in the heat pipe.

The cycle first begins at the evaporator end with the heat turning the liquid inside the heat pipe into vapor, which then move towards the condenser end via a pressure differential.

Once the hot vapor reaches the condenser end, the vapor condenses and becomes liquid, which then move back towards the evaporator end via gravity (thus evaporator end must be below the condenser end for aluminum heat pipes to function) .

Aluminium Heat Pipe Thickness 1.5mm.

Filled with high performance refrigerant to enhance heat dissipation.

Extruded Aluminum Heat Pipe Examples

Extruded Aluminum Heat Pipe
Extruded Aluminum Heat Pipe


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