Precision Machining For Electronic Packaging | Baknor


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Baknor’s manufacturing expertise in heat sinks have helped many of our customers reduce their costs. This has also translated into reducing costs for their precision machined packages and discrete parts requirements. By constantly improving our technical expertise and investing in new capabilities, Baknor is globally competitive in both high volume-low mix demands and low volume-high mix supply.

Machined enclosures can include sophisticated mounting posts for internal components, grooves for water-tight seals, recesses, protrusions, logos and almost any feature that your design requires.

We machine any kind of enclosure for your electronics, creating a custom fit, precise placement and environmental protection that’s appropriate for your application, including the most rugged requirements. We can complete your designs based on your current schematics or can provide a turnkey design.

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• Anodizing
• Chromate
• Electro Plating
• Powder Coating
• Brushed Aluminum

• Labels
• Cutouts
• Accessories
• Silk Screening
• Gasket Application