Custom Machined Components For Electronic Industry | Baknor


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Baknor’s speciality in low cost machining of complex parts with tight tolerance, allows our customers to compete very effectively in their markets. These capabilities are augmented by various value added services such as rapid prototyping, complete engineering services, special packaging and assembly, as well as a number part finishing options.

We offer consistently high quality, through our process of stringent quality measures. We employ advanced inspection techniques and utilize a traceable calibrated instrumentation system. Our precision machining services are executed according to the highest standards utilizing our highly specialized equipment. Our machining experts consult with clients to completely understand the part or component specifications. Computer-controlled machines operate lathes, mills, grinders and routers to create a variety of parts. The advantage of our precision CNC machining services is the ability to create large volumes of intricate parts with the same accurate result throughout production.

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