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Insight, Creativity And Esthetic's

Improve the look and feel of your front panel, whether it’s a unique branding design or using your existing branding by taking advantage of Baknor’s comprehensive manufacturing capabilities and high quality finishes. We can include numerous features into the design that will help your customers identify your brand. Include offsets for shielding strips or clips, square corners, detents for a variety of custom labels, or where ever our creativity may take you. And with numerous variations on cut outs for switches, connectors and LEDs, we can provide you with that special look.

Actuator Systems
Heat dissipation
Formed Label “Detents”

Integral Board Support
EMI and RFI shielding
90 degree corners

Board mounting PEMs or standoffs
Integrate-standard or customized ejectors
Panel to panel contact with clips or gaskets

Finishing, labeling, and assembly
Replace silk screen with Lexan labels
Mechanical “hot swap “slide switches

Interlocking systems with ejectors
Standard Extruded Channel Design
Added strength and support for boards

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