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When your assembly includes a requirement for bonding, sealing and form-in-place gasket operations, Baknor will meet your requirements. Whether you require bonding with adhesives, sealing and potting with UV-cure materials, or forming gaskets with silicones, we offer these solutions from innovative manufacturers, and have experience in recommending efficient and cost-effective solutions for demanding electronic, industrial and consumer applications.

Gaskets are materials that seal between two different surfaces, under compression. The sealing is a result of the compressive forces created by sufficient bold load, and also works to fill the imperfections on the mating surfaces to be sealed. The primary goal of an EMI shielding gasket is to seal an electronic enclosure to prevent transmission of electromagnetic interference. Improper design of the seal or enclosure mating flanges can result in a failure. Several mechanical design issues must be considered for the proper mating of an EMI gasket with the flanges of an electronic enclosure. These are important for all EMI conductive shielding theory. Many EMI gasket variations provide a 'best fit' for different operating environmental conditions. Exposure to high and low temperatures, wind and rain, salt spray, solvents used in cleaning and plating, and other conditions severely affect the life of an EMI shielding gasket.

Baknor can also recommend pressure sensitive tapes, contact adhesives, dry melts, hot melts, RTV's, and one or multi-part solutions. While many of the items can be enhanced by applying pressure and heat, there are also materials that will set up and cure at room temperature.

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