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For demanding applications, liquid cooling solutions offer high performance and reliability. Baknor's cold plate technology will meet both your performance and cost targets. Tube Cold Plates provide a reliable cost effective entry point. When performance is paramount Brazed Cold Plates technology offers high performance solutions through customizable cooling paths and the addition of internal fin structures to increase heat transfer.


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Baknor’s thermal experts will work with you to develop liquid cold plate solutions using copper pipes for maximum design flexibility. We embed the piping into aluminium plates to move heat to a different location, where it is released away from the component.

We can customise the design for length, width and fluid path to meet your specific design and performance requirements

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• Used for low to medium power density applications
• Cost effective 2, 4 & 6 pass standard cold plates
• Customised tube paths for enhanced performance

Liquid Cooling Application Note

Cold Plate Construction

• Base Plate: Al6061, AL6063, CU
• Tube Diameters: 0.25
• Wall Thickness: 0.05
• Standard Bend Radii

Production Benefits

• High quality fabrication
• Meets ISO 9001:2000 Certified QMS
• Cost effective for high volume production

For the most efficient and cost effective serpentine liquid cold plates, choose Baknor