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Machined heat sinks offer a great degree of flexibility when you need intricate or unusual fin patterns to suit unique or challenging applications. Baknor’s experts will work with you to optimise fin geometries and design the most efficient machined heat sink. Armed with Pro/E, Baknor’s engineering team can effectively design your complex parts to meet your requirements. Baknor can work collaboratively or independently, to analyse manufacturability and create a full set of drawings, 2-D files and/or 3-D solid models.

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  • Precision parts with high quality finishes
  • No tooling. Design flexibility
  • Ideal for development or low volume production

Material Options

  • Copper
  • Aluminium

Production Equipment Options

Baknor has a state of the art machining production facility containing 90+ machines, including: High precision CNC lathe and milling machines and Horizontal and vertical axis CNC machines. Baknor is a full service high quality precision machining partner, certified to ISO 9001:2000.