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Thermal assemblies involve the complex integration of various technologies, such as fans, heat pipes, vapour chambers or thermal interfaces materials to provide a complete high performance thermal solution. Through the effective integration of various technologies, thermal assemblies can be optimised to reduce overall weight, improving thermal conduction paths and improve thermal efficiency.

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Custom Design Features

We specialise in highly complex thermal assemblies that involve some, or all, of the following: bonded fin condensers, fabricated tube and plate cold plates, copper brazing and active cooling assemblies, air-moving components/fans and temperature controls.

We can:

• accommodate a wide range of heat pipe sizes
• meet a large variety of customer requirements
• handle a diverse range of power handling capabilities
• serve your specific applications

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We employ mechanical expertise with epoxy bonding and/or soldering and brazing techniques to build the assemblies. We develop process controls and quality manufacturing plans from the pre-production stage all the way through to the volume production, and we involve our customers every step of the way.

Choose Baknor for cost effective thermal assemblies, no matter how complex.