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Baknor employs Cu-H2O heat pipe technology with a sinter Cu powder wicking structure. We can integrate several condenser technologies with heat pipes to remove heat including extrusions, bonded-fin heat sinks or stamped fins. Heat pipes also offer tremendous design flexibility. We can easily bend or flatten them to accommodate the needs of the heat sink design or the location of heat sources. Bending and flattening heat pipes may affect their power handling capability.

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  • Enhances efficiency of heat sinks
  • Spreads heat very effectively
  • Suitable for diverse applications from 25W to Kilowatt power levels

Heat Pipe Sizes

  • Pipe Diameter: 3, 4, 5, 6, 6.35 & 8mm
  • Pipe Wall Thickness: 0.3, 0.5 & 0.9mm
  • Maximum Length: 750 mm
Heat pump design guide


Heat pipes are reliable with a demonstrated lifespan of over 20 yrs in applications that vary from Notebook computers to Aerospace. The manufacturing process control has the greatest impact on heat pipe reliability. The pipe seal, purity of the materials used in the wick structure and cleanliness of the internal chamber are all factors that effect the long term performance of a heat pipe. All Baknor heat pipes are 100% functionally tested. For the best design and fabrication of heat pipe solutions, choose Baknor.