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Custom designed aluminium or copper brazed cold plates overcome the “tube bending limitations” that are present with tube liquid cold plates. Our precision design and superior technology eliminate leaks for a cost effective and hassle free solution. High performance cold plates for demanding applications. Add internal fin structures to enhance heat transfer. Design flexibility to minimise size and pressure drop.

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There is no limit to the shape or design of a brazed cold plate. The basic design involves two components that are fused together with a cooling channel or series of folded fins inside.

We use advanced thermal analysis software to model your heat loads, and then we create a design that meets or exceeds your requirements, and is cost-effective and reliable.

Production and Testing

Baknor's brazed cold plates are highly reliable and leak free. We manufacture and pressure test your custom cold plates to ensure they meet your working pressure requirements. We also comply with lot traceability and provide an ultrasonic inspection record upon request. For the most efficient and cost effective brazed cold plates, choose Baknor.

Cold Plate Construction

Material Options:
AL6061, AL6063, C101, C102, C110, C145
Internal Fin Structure:
Machined, Folded Fin, Stamped Fin

Brazing Standards

Cold plates are brazed per following AWS standards:
Copper cold plates: AWS C3.6M/C3.6: CLASS C
Aluminium cold plates: AWS C3.7M/C3.7 CLASS C