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Baknor offers a variety of bonded fin heat sink assemblies.
Choose from either natural or forced convection.

Bonded fin heat sinks increase the heat sink surface area without increasing volume, and significantly reduce thermal resistance. They are a cost effect way to manage heat dissipation for high power and densely packaged applications.

Bonded Fins can be configured in ways to meet your needs.

  • Swaged / Forced Fins
  • RoHS compliant plating
  • Accept common sized fans
  • High Power Thermal Solutions
  • High fin density for increased performance
  • Thermal conductive epoxy bonded fin Heat Sinks
  • CNC machining capabilities for Power Device Assembling
  • Ultra low thermal resistance for high wattage dissipation
  • Max. Dimension for Epoxy Bonded Fin Heat Sink can reach 1600MM long x 600MM wide

Custom Designs Available
Baknor gives you want you want.

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