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Innovative thermal and packaging solutions ... that work.

With our success in heat sink design and thermal management experience with customers around the world, you can rely on Baknor for innovative cooling solutions and packaging for the electronic industry. Our outstanding engineers have special expertise in thermal and packaging technology that gets you to market with the best solutions possible.

We specialize in thermal management and custom metal fabricated solutions for the electronics industry:

  • Build to print from your existing drawings.
  • Custom thermal and electro mechanical assemblies.
  • Engineering, turnkey thermal designs, simulations and consulting.
  • Custom heat sink & cold plate design, prototyping and manufacturing.
  • Custom metal fabrication from extrusions, machining, forging, castings.
Baknor "The Way To Cool"

Cut costs with Baknor... with new or existing designs.

Baknor offers high quality solutions, frequently at much lower costs than other manufacturers.

If you are looking for cost reductions for heat sinks, cold plates, thermal assemblies or various electro mechanical components and assemblies made from extrusions, machining, forging or castings - send us your drawings to start the evaluation process on what we can do for you.

We may also be able to reduce your costs through redesign or using a different manufacturing process.

Many customers who are buying off the shelf components, may be able to reduce their costs, by having us develop a custom version for you.